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Home Insurance

The home is typically the largest investment one makes and it's important that it is well protected against a potential loss. Because of this we take time in thoroughly answering our clients questions since we know owning a home is such a large responsibility. Some of the questions our clients ask are : How much coverage should I have on my house? Am I under or over Insured? Do I need earthquake and/ or flood coverage? How much liability coverage should I have? What Discounts are available? Sound familiar??? At DMA we will give you a quote on your current policy then assist you in analyzing the different coverage's and discounts available.
Because we represent several insurance companies, we can custom tailor the right insurance plan for you at an affordable price. Depending on the insurance company you can get discounts for:

Keep in mind that the above discounts also apply to renters and condo insurance. If your property is a new purchase or a refinance, we will work closely with your escrow company to insure proper documentation of coverage and can bill them directly for the insurance.

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